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Idris Elba To Co-Direct Astronaut Survival Thriller Above The Below

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Big ‘Dris is getting back in the big chair. Following on from a short film, some TV work and, of course, his feature directorial debut with 2018’s Yardie, Idris Elba has locked in his next directing project. In this case, though, it’s a co-directing gig as Elba will be working alongside The Loneliest Boy In The World’s Martin Owen on astronaut survival thriller Above The Below, which is set to shoot at Pinewood Studios.

Above The Below, which is based on an idea by Owen and was turned into script form by Elizabeth Morris, Matt Mitchell and Vicki Sargent, follows a tight-knit trio of astronauts as they survive a chaotic and destructive re-entry to Earth, only to find themselves off course and completely cut off from the world.

As their capsule begins to sink into the unknown depths of the ocean, their battle for survival has only just begun….

“We are beyond excited about Idris and Martin’s collaboration,” says Future Artists Entertainment’s Matt Williams, who is among the producers. “This is a crazy rollercoaster of a movie that will have audiences on the edge of their seat! We have put together the best creative team the UK has to offer and I’m confident I’m confident we will deliver a visually spectacular and memorable movie experience.” We’ll have to wait and see whether Elba steps in front of the camera (he didn’t for Yardie) and who might be in the cast for this one.

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