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‘Bank of Dave: The Sequel’ Ordered at Netflix; Chris Foggin Returns to Direct

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Dave Fishwick’s story continues at Netflix.

Bank of Dave, a Netflix Original movie in the United Kingdom and Ireland, is getting a sequel at Netflix. 

Released on January 16th, 2023, Bank of Dave served as a biopic of Burnley native Dave Fishwick, who did the impossible and took on the big banks by establishing a thriving community bank.

The movie starred Joel Fry, Phoebe Dynevor, Rory Kinnear, Hugh Bonneville, Paul Kaye, and Jo Hartley. As mentioned, the movie was never released on Netflix outside of the UK and Ireland, with it currently unavailable to watch on any SVOD service or video-on-demand option.

Following its release, the movie went on to rank in the Netflix top 10s for 22 days in the United Kingdom and 19 days in the Irish top 10s.

Well, it turns out the movie did well enough to get a sequel order at Netflix.

Titled Bank of Dave: The Sequel, the new movie is set to be produced by Tempo Productions and Future Artists. It’ll also see the return of the director with Chris Foggin (Fisherman’s FriendsKids in LoveThis is Christmas) back in the chair for the second outing.

The news of the sequel being ordered came alongside the announcements of two other new UK productions (alongside a string of other news from UK Netflix Originals throughout the week). The other two new projects include Department Q from Left Bank Pictures and Black Doves, produced by Noisy Bear and SISTER.

It’s part all part of a continued commitment from Netflix in the United Kindom, who revealed that they’ve spent $6bn in the British creative economy since 2020 and now intend to further that investment continuing to spend almost $1.5bn USD a year across its series and movies slates.

What will Bank of Dave: The Sequel on Netflix be about?

Netflix only provided a very short synopsis for the upcoming sequel, saying:

“This sequel to Bank of Dave sees Dave Fishwick taking on a new and more dangerous adversary: The Payday Lenders.”

Of course, the sequel will also be based on a true story like the original. As reported in the early 2010s, Dave Fishwick did indeed take on the pay-day loan firms in the UK by working on a new TV show for Channel 4 in Britain called Dave: Loan Ranger, which aired in 2014.

Per Speakers Corner, the documentary set out to “show people the risks that come with taking money from payday lenders and he believes that ‘loans should be limited to 30 per cent of disposable income and there should be a 24 hour cooling off period.”

Who is in the cast of Netflix’s Bank of Dave: The Sequel?

The initial announcement did not include any details about any cast members. Still, it’d be safe to assume that Rory Kinnear, who played Dave Fishwick in the original movie, will return to reprise the role.

Netflix in the United Kingdom is also currently home to the documentary series on Dave Fishwick too, which aired originally in 2012. All three episodes were added to Netflix on March 24th, 2023.

Are you excited for the return of Bank of Dave in a sequel? Let us know in the comments down below and bookmark this article, as we’ll be updating in the months ahead with new information as it develops.

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